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Best Digital Camera Prices
The best digital cameras at the lowest prices.

Outstanding Opportunity Working From Home

$800.00 WEEKLY POSSIBLE! WORKING AT HOME! 37 Different Opportunities. Rush $1 and SASE to: JMJ Enterprises, PO Box 1241, Logansport, IN 46947-1241

$900-$2700/Week GUARANTEED Or Your Money Back

How does an extra $900 to $2700 a week sound? You might use it to pay your taxes, or pay your other bills, or put a roof on your house, or perhaps take that vacation you've been dreaming about. It's easy. It's guaranteed. You can make $300+ a day, 3 days a week setting up a booth or table at your local flea market. The author of this new booklet - Your Goldmine of Fleamarket & Mail- order Products - makes it all possible. First, he tells you where you can buy the merchandise and then reveals how to sell. How would you like to buy name brand jeans for $1.05 a pair? Or printed T-shirts for 75 cents? Or 8" non-stick fry pans for just 69 cents each? Or a wooden bead cushion for a car for just $1.50. These are just a few of the thousands of items offered. The booklet lists hundreds of firms selling thousands of items - most under a $1.00. Prices so you can make big profits. The best part of the deal is that everything is guaranteed. If you do not make the money you want, the author will buy back the booklet and your unsold merchandise. Talk about fair. How can you lose? The author and his family have been going to flea markets for years. He and his wife have done it regularly for years. He has made over $3000 some weekends. Now their kids are doing it. All are making good money every day the flea market is opened. There is no reason why you cannot do the same thing. You can also buy at these sources for garage sales, church bazaars, state and county fairs. Anywhere people gather you can make a profit if you have the merchandise the people want at a price they are willing to pay. And with the prices offered by the firms in this booklet, you can do it and make big profits. Perhaps selling to people at fleamarkets is not your cup of tea. Many of the products being offered would make ideal mail-order products. A small ad in your local shopper or in one of the national tabloids could bring in the orders. Since the audience is so much bigger, you could make many times the amount that is possible at your local fleamarket. The author says many people are buying the booklet just for themselves and a few friends. They believe there is enough savings involved to make it worthwhile. So you do not have to resell to make this booklet worthwhile. You can get Your Goldmine of Fleamarket & Mailorder Products by sending just $49.00 + $5.00 S&H in US funds - postal money order or bank check drawn on a US bank to: P. Isenhour, Dept. 150C, P.O. Box 160454, Nashville, TN 37216. Remember, everything is guaranteed. If you cannot make the money the author claims, he will buy back the booklet and any unsold merchandise. Details inside the booklet.

$2,000 Per Month Home Based Business!

What my company has to offer is an exciting, honest, part-time, home based business. A business that might not make $250,000 a year (part-time, with no experience, from your kitchen table, with your eyes shut), but will easily and steadily make you $2,000 and more each and every month. A business that you will probably spend no more than 4-5 hours at per week. A business that makes profitable use of your computer. A business that requires no selling, no inventory, and virtually no start up costs. A business your spouse can easily learn and operate. A business that people need and want, and saves them LOTS of money. A REAL, legitimate business you can be proud to show off to your friends, and they will eagerly want to know more about. To get all the FREE details on how you can quickly and easily start earning an extra $2,000 a month from the comfort of your own home, contact us at any of the following, and ask for "The Home Business". Affordable Financial Services, 55857 29 Palms Hwy., Yucca Valley, CA 92284, Phone (619)369-7488, Fax (619)369-7490, CompuServe 75301,567, AOL DEckenroth, Prodigy DEGY05A.

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Get Paid Weekly for Grocery Coupons!

Clip grocery coupons from newspapers, etc. No quotas. No limit on number you can send. Reliable program, fully guaranteed! Try it for 90 days and see how much money you make. Send $2 cash or check (2 week clearing time) postage/handling to: MJN Properties, Box 277, Winter Park, FL 32790.

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Call for free list of more than 600 How-To Books, Reports & Guides You Can Reprint & Sell. Complete text of all 600 on a Single CD ROM. 1-800-484-8442, ext. 2151. Same Day Service.

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Bonuses, Commissions, Overrides and Expenses

Learn about the hottest business in the explosive arena of Telecommunications, and how it can create an incredible opportunity for you. Develop a substantial income in your spare time or 6 figure income full-time. Training provided by experienced entrepreneurs. No products or inventory. Small initial investment optional. Call/Fax 410-653-7346, or E-mail

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$Billions$ of Debt for Pennies on the Dollar

Ground floor opportunity to make 10's of thousands of $$$ in profits collecting and brokering bank loans that you pay just $.03 to $.08 on the dollar for. Example: 142 loans totaling $500,000 just $25,000 cash! Double, triple, your money utilizing this little known banking secret. For info, E-mail

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Launch your business today marketing/sponsoring for new, advanced UDBC Command 2001 satellite TV receiver with PC data port. $200/sale + $25 overrides for 6 generations + $50 7th level + programming residuals! Become ISA for $65 including ISA Kit. Professional support. E-mail for 13-page overview. Miss it and cry!

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Multi Billion Dollar Industry Needs You, Too!

"Create a Better Business Opportunity and the People Will Come." This is THE one they're coming to! Easy to operate. Very, very profitable. Huge demand for extremely popular product. This is a money machine. Get in on it! Have fun while building a respectable home based business that will grow as rapidly as you allow! No investment required. For complete details write: National, PO Box 22475, Kansas City, MO 64113-0475.

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Your Ticket to a Brighter Future!

Looking for a legitimate, home-based business that can meet all your needs and put you back in control of your time, your finances and your life? Looking to make a six-figure income working PT and legally saving $1000's on your taxes each year? Interested in moving away from MLM and moving toward a business that offers constant training and support and where the clients come to you? I have all the information you need to make a relaxed, intelligent decision about your future. Get the facts, and you be the judge! Call 1-800-322-6169 ext. 3583 for more information.

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#1 Home Base Moneymaker 2nd year. Whatever you are currently doing, ADD THIS TO IT! Fortune 5000 is the easiest money system that I have seen, earn $3000 per week and more working only a few hours. The company does 100% of the selling, you simply give out their 800#, that's it! Don't overlook this opportunity to earn extra THOUSANDS PER MONTH. I have 3 businesses. Thank goodness I found this; it takes No time & pays VERY well. Call my 2 min Toll Free overview at 1-888-241-0192. Then call 1-800-811-2141 and ask for the FREE REPORT, code 50998.

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Like to Make Six Figures From Home? TRY THIS!

Great support to members, awesome products and unbelievable earning potential! Check out my website! DO IT NOW!

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Our children come to the office everyday. Earn an extra $500 - $1,500 month p/t, $2,000 - $7,000 f/t. Step-by-step system. Complete training. Free information. Call (877) 308-8215

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No1 Home Based Business 4 Straight Years

Home Based Business Opportunity. TAKE ACTION NOW!! Take control of your life once and for all. Have you always wanted your own home based business? Are you deadly serious about changing your life? I am looking to help teach, train and show you how to create a residual income. Ask yourself - are you getting paid what you are worth? Do you have free time to travel and do what you want to do? If the answer is NO, then call and find out if this is right for you. 1-877-300-8198. Only serious people please.

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FREE! 823 pages of home business secrets!

Greatest Gold-Mine Of Easy "Things To Make" Ever Crammed Into One Big Book. (NO PURCHASE REQUIRED!) Amazing brainbusters!

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Get Paid Doing Easy Work From Home

Process orders from your own home. If you have a PC, email, and a quality printer, you can start making money immediately. NO experience, NO selling, NO phone calls. All work done by email. Email with more info in the subject line for more information.

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Earn $$ with the world's first Certified Organic skincare, cosmetics and personal care range. Ethical, booming company (grown 10 times in size since last year) just launched in U.S. (12/03)! Minimal outlay, multi-channels of marketing (including retailers), free website, bonuses. Grow organically with us.

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Put Serious Money In Your Pocket. Learn to Earn $3 - $5K Per Week From Home Using a Very Simple System. Not MLM. CALL NOW!!!! 1-800-570-3782 Ext. 4402

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Access to a computer? International company expanding, 14 people needed immediately! Earn $1,500 p/t to $5,000+ f/t per month working at home online. You will be trained to use the internet, mail and phone from home to build an international business! For a free presentation visit

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Are you interested in better health, asthma and allergy relief, anti-aging, detoxifying your home, saving time and money? Then check out this website and see how the fastest growing wellness company can help you reach your goals!! Car bonuses and profit sharing available for a home business.

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Family tree printing
Family tree printing and genealogy chart printing from any Windows genealogy software program.

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