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When responding to any of these Other Business Opportunities classified ads, please contact each of the advertisers directly.

Best Digital Camera Prices
The best digital cameras at the lowest prices.

Genuine 14k Gold! Retail color catalog

Buy Wholesale-Sell Retail. Big Profits! GENUINE 14k GOLD! A quality product that sells itself, is affordable, and lasts a lifetime! Our "GOLD IS FOREVER" color catalog features a complete line of 14k Gold Jewelry. Put this fabulous salesman to work for you! Sell retail - buy wholesale! 3,000 different styles to choose from. We stock for you! Excellent service; fast delivery. Sample Kits and Sales Accessories available. Profits big enough to build your own Sales Organization! Don't wait, start today! Send just $10.00 to: SJI, Box 477K, Station B, Howard Beach, NY 11414

GOOD MONEY! Weekly Processing Mail!

GOOD MONEY! Weekly! Processing Mail! Free Postage, Supplies! No Selling, Running Ads! Bonuses! Start Immediately! Rush stamped envelope for a prompt reply! Foodmaster Publications, Dept. 12, Drawer C, Burnt Hills, NY 12027-0015

Own your own non-franchised bus. - Free info

Own your own non-franchised business and keep all the income. Ask for details of profitable carpet, upholstery, ceiling and wall cleaning service business. Call 800-626-6916 or FAX request to 414-634-2888. Give full name and address. No charge for information. MENTION: VS Opportunity.

Wildlife Notes & Greeting Cards

Earn monthly income with beautiful wildlife notes and greeting cards by award winning artist. Every card is spectacular! Easy Program. Well established company. Excellent payout! Excellent support! Join us and start making money, today! Free details. N. Holmes, RD #1, Box 5039, Swanton, VT 05488


HOME-BASED BUSINESS, immediate high profits. Free info, tape and book for fast start-up! Catalog with over 3,500 hot-sellers --- great for mail order! We supply everything. 45-year success. SMC, 9401 DeSoto Avenue, Dept. 787-48, Chatsworth, CA 91311

GOT $30? "How to Plans" for "KIDDIE CHAIR"

GOT THIRTY DOLLARS? Start your own Business! How? With my "How to Plans" for the unique, toddler size, PVC pipe "KIDDIE CHAIR". Build and sell at flea markets, consignment stores, etc. Literally sells itself! Send $9.95 plus $2.00 S/H to: L. Thompson, Box 361874, Melbourne, FL 32936-1874 Information $1.00 (Refundable)

How To Start a MO Business-Video with MO vet.

Mail order veteran tells all! Dynamic video with beginning mail order entrepreneurs asking questions and getting answers from Lee Howard. Action packed with advice and all the beginner needs to start making mail order profits! Some topics include: How to begin, sources of products, free advertising, key secrets, etc. Rent or buy video. 908-424-0642


Call this FREE, 24-hour recorded message now. Probably the most important call you'll ever make. Protect your future ... Fulfill your dreams ... Change your financial future forever. Ranked by DASCAN as the #1 home business opportunity in North America. Incredible support to help you become successful. Call toll-free 24-hour recorded message for details: 1-800-887-4635, extension 2870.


WPLD - WORLD'S LARGEST PERMANENT DOWNLINE, offers a FREE WELCOME KIT to ALL network marketers. This permanent downline solves the problem of recruiting and keeping downline. If a problem occurs, WPLD will switch you to another MLM company. Send name, address and phone number to: WPLD, Box 445-P4863, Rockland, MA 02370- 0445

Want Real Success? $400 A Day To Your Mailbox

A totally new and "unique" legal money-making system, with no catalog selling, no multi-level, drop shipping, or products to stock or sell. And I'll even give you my "complete" and "recession-proof" report ABSOLUTELY FREE! Mail SASE to: T. L. Bordner, 1014 Hopper Avenue, Suite 330-MLTR, Santa Rosa, CA 95403


MORE $ THAN YOU EVER DREAMED POSSIBLE HELPING BUSINESSES SAVE ON LONG DISTANCE. Since the breakup of AT&T and as a result of the FCC rulings, AT&T must make all of its products available to resellers. In addition, these laws require AT&T PAY A COMMISSION to its resellers. This means new opportunities for dedicated individuals interested in representing AT&T technology to businesses. As an AT&T reseller, your customers can take full advantage of UP TO 35% DISCOUNTS on commercial calling rates that THEY CANNOT get directly from AT&T. Talk to any business owner about the cost of doing business. NOT ONE wouldn't want to save more money. But the truth is most businesses have no idea that these discounts even exist! We'll show you how, in a very short time, that it's possible to see your earnings increase to $1,100 for every customer you enroll in this program! Your customers will be appreciative when they see the money you'll be saving them, using the latest in AT&T calling technology. We are seeking hard-working men and women for both Supervising Independent Representatives and Independent Representatives throughout the U.S.A. If you call or write today for information, we'll send you the comprehensive manual "Unleashing the Entrepreneur Within", for only $29.95. The price of the manual is considered a deposit and will be 100% refunded once you decide to become an S.I.R. (Supervising Independent Representative) or an I.R. (Independent Representative). To order by mail, print the bottom portion now, fill it out and mail today with your check made payable to: BNC, 2770 Ridgway, Suite 1926, Walled Lake, MI 48390 Credit Card Orders (Visa/Mastercard) Call Toll Free: Tel # 1-800-945-1333 Ask for Operator 1926. ********************************************************** The country's most powerful marketing program, combining the magic of network marketing - but not MLM. 39LZ0000 Please RUSH _____ "Unleashing the Entrepreneur Within" Manuals at $29.95 ea., plus $4.00 S+H ( ) Check Enclosed Please charge my ( ) M/C ( ) VISA Account # __________________________ Expires: __________ Signature _______________________________________________ Name ____________________________________________________ Address _________________________________________________ City ____________________________________________________ State _______________________ Zip ______________________


Now accept Major Credit Cards with your own Credit Card Merchant Account. More than 95% accepted with a rate as low as 1.55%. Home operated businesses also accepted. Increase your business by 40% or more! For information contact: Van Foster and Associates, 3816 Dicksonia Drive, Lexington, KY 40517 Tel# 800 -579-4521


Accept business and personal checks over the telephone or by fax for orders, payment collections and donations. Customer's signature not required -- only verbal authorization. As low as $1 per check. All businesses accepted. Call or write for FREE DETAILS! Agents Wanted. Van Foster and Associates, 3816 Dicksonia Drive Lexington, KY 40517 Tel# 800-579-4521


DOCUMENTED, RESTORATIVE HEALTH PRODUCT. AMERICAN HEALTH THREAT: THE ONSLAUGHT OF FREE RADICALS. DOES ANYONE YOU LOVE HAVE ANY OF THESE COMMON DISEASES? Scientific finding shows a common link between all degenerative diseases ... Thousands of Americans are themselves finding out about the unique and remarkable compound PYCNOGENOL (PICK-NAH JEH-NAHL). According to the most respected medical journals of our time, most of today's maladies appear to be fostered by free radical attack. These are highly-toxic and unstable oxygen molecules that can ALTER the body's fine-tuned chemistry. Free radical damage has been observed in human beings where it affects cell membranes, proteins, genetic material and most body tissue. More than 60 diseases are linked to the presence of free-radicals, including premature aging, cancer, AIDS, arthritis, diabetic complications, as well as dry skin, kidney disease, PMS, stress, fatigue, impotence, liver disease, varicose veins, cataracts, cold feet and fingers. Pyc-no-ge-nol is a blend of natural flavonoids patented by Horphag International and imported from France. More than 20 years of double blind studies have indicated the effectiveness of pycnogenol in fighting these maladies. Now, Pycnogenol is available in tablet form directly to U.S. consumers through EMM Enterprises in Larned, Kansas. Pycnogenol can help restore your body's level of vitality AND, Reduce capillary fragility, Reduce diabetic retinopathy, Improve visual acuity, Reduce risk of cancer and heart disease, Aid in resistance to bruises. Also, Improve circulation ... Reduce risk of stroke ... Reduce mental deterioration ... Promote faster healing ... Enhance immune resistance ... Enhance energy, reduce fatigue ... Reduce frequency and severity of colds ... CAUTION! NOT ALL PYCNOGENOL PRODUCTS ARE THE SAME. The combined ingredients in Pycnogenol tablets, when taken orally, make all the difference in how pycnogenol effects the body. To realize how valued this product is, in the past few years, more than 19 COMPANIES have been served with cease and desist orders because their pycnogenol products don't meet the proper specifications. OURS IS THE GENUINE! Our affiliated company has developed a 20 mg tablet formula that is 95% absorbable by the human body. The effect is FELT by people who use our Pycnogenol. As free radicals are neutralized, body cells which have been damaged tend to regain prior vitality. Cosmetic reactions such as a smoothing of the skin and wrinkles are some of the benefits enjoyed by Pycnogenol users. Why do we need Pycnogenol? Most laboratory scientists who have studied the effects of pycnogenol on their patients agree that this remarkable free radical fighting agent can make a significant difference in the lives of those who use it. Send money order for $29.95, and with your order, receive a cassette tape featuring experts explaining the benefits of Pycnogenol. Shipping and handling included. Send to: EMM Enterprises, 315 1/2 W. 4th Street Larned, KS 67550. FREE cassette tape with each order. (Each bottle of Pycnogenol contains (60) 20mg tablets.) Also, information packages are available for $4.00 each. They are for those with whom you may feel a need to share the important benefits of this amazing product. Because of peak demand, please leave 2-3 weeks for delivery. 100% Moneyback Guaranteed on ALL Orders. Be sure to consult with a licensed physician before using Pycnogenol. Persons with allergic reactions to different substances might need to begin with one tablet each 4-5 days, then gradually increase the quantity every few days.


GET ONE Million People to send you $1.00. Learn my easy method plus receive PROOF that this really works. The cost of a cup of coffee will return to you a method to make money that you will not believe. Leave all those dead end jobs behind you and join the people who have the freedom to do and buy anything they want. Be able to take vacations anytime and travel anywhere that you can imagine. COST NO OBJECT. Sounds great doesn't it. Well, now's your chance. Simply send me a Dollar and a S.A.S.E. and I will reveal a secret that is so simple you will wonder why you never thought of it yourself. Don't Delay - We All have Only One Life To Live - Let's Live It To The Fullest. Send Your Cost Of A Cup Of Coffee To: David C. Drennan, 4163 Melia Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L5C 4J2


EXCLUSIVE GLOBAL NETWORK OPPORTUNITY. People believe the "AMERICAN DREAM" is dying, has died, or was dead long ago. Saturation of health, nutrition, skin, home, and personal care companies haven't demonstrated the panacea envisioned. Discriminating marketers had few options until now. The horizon reveals three "BRIGHT STARS" creating innovative standards of excellence in the direct marketing/mlm industry. The "BRIGHTEST STAR" is a dynamic company that will achieve global leadership empowering marketers to achieve a 6-7 figure income with profit streams consisting of: business, administrative services, domestic/exotic autos, R.V.'s, aircraft, consumer electronics, computers, peripherals, appliances, telecommunications, legal, tax, financial, real estate, mortgage, remodeling, construction, travel, leisure, motivation, and personal growth services. Another "BRIGHT STAR" is the "ELECTRONIC SPONSORING PROGRAM" empowering marketers to achieve a 6-7 figure income by simultaneously building customer bases for both companies while offering compatible services with 8 profit streams. E.S.P. leads the world electronic sponsoring arena. "CAPITOL VENTURE COMPENDIUM" This compendium of resource materials is comprised of 13 volumes accompanied by 6 audio tapes. The paramount resource being offshore wealth building and tax havens. This volume is worth the cost of all plans together. The majority of these works won't be found in the libraries or bookstores. This is a six figure income opportunity. You're cordially invited to compare these opportunities to others you've been exposed to. Public introduction commences mid September, 1994. The time to act is now. There isn't an opportunity like this anywhere. For further information call 1-509-747-0532.


Consumer direct marketing company top-rated in the Inc. 500. Extremely low investment. No inventory. No paperwork. No selling required. For more information, call: 1-800-785-3558, ext 55.


Business contacts, closeouts, liquidations, new products, product promotions, venture capital, finder's fee, business opportunities, free advertising, and much, much more. For more information send a long SASE to: R. Lowe Connections, 6928 Hendricks St. Dept. OA, Anderson, IN 46013-3608.

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Unlimited Income Potential

Tired of pounding the pavement for that non-existent job? Former lawyer seeks partners for business opportunity with unlimited financial potential. No financial investment required. However, you must be motivated, positive, hard-working and determined to succeed. This is a booming business for the right person. For complete details, email

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Expert Advice On Income Opportunities

Tired of being ripped off on income opportunities? Evaluate 1,000's of opportunities in one sitting. Eliminate those that don't suit your needs, before you pay. Free information. To obtain this powerful tool, email to or send to Lyncast, 7301 Watson, Suite 225A, Shrewsbury, MO 63119.

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Buying Long Distance Service? Get Paid For It

Register with MCN's, no limits referral program and turn your phone into a PROFIT CENTER! MCN gives you instant, Independent Marketing Representative status and will mail your starter pack FREE! You can sponsor others NOW! Simply convert your residential or business long distance to our national fiber optic network providers. Earn 30% Bonus on first two marketer's commission income. NO QUALIFYING. Sponsor just one customer and earn commissions. When a customer in your payline makes a long distance call, you get paid! Much more. Call 407-672-6587 24 hours. Leave NAME, ADDRESS, SSN, and PHONE. Your Sponsor is Lyncast, ID LY1687344.

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Opportunity Seekers - Don't Miss This!

Nutritional company looking for Regional Directors and Distributors. Thirteen of the hottest products at the lowest prices. Pure grape seed from France, 90 capsules, 50 mgs each, only $25.00, cat's claw, Mexican yam extract, etc. Regional Director inquiries include phone number. The Health Edge, 419 North Eighth Street, Olean, NY, 14760. (716)373-5138.

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Share in a new and highly profitable joint venture opportunity within the medical clinic industry. General partnership opening four(4) innovative, new clinics in the Houston, Texas area. Medicare and private insurance represents 89% of billed patient fees. Small partnership group being assembled. Minimum investment $13k. Serious minded intelligent inquiries only. For brief overview and complete information packet, contact "The L.V.C. Group" at 1-800-880-3815 (24 hours).

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Are you interested in ... *Incredible Income Opportunity *Rapid Growth *Work Your Own Hours. Call now for 5 min. intro. 1-800- 440-1078 [code: 5383] Body Wise International Consultant.

Family tree printing
Family tree printing and genealogy chart printing from any Windows genealogy software program.

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