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Accept business & personal checks over the telephone (or by fax) for orders, payments, collection & donations. Customer's signature NOT required. Only verbal authorization necessary. As low as $1 per check! All businesses accepted! AGENTS ALSO WANTED. CALL: (212) 465-3371 (24 HOURS) or Write: Heartland Financial Services, 20 Dodworth, Box 022150, Brooklyn, NY 11202


NOT A GRANT OR LOAN! Actually, this is not even a business! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BUY OR SELL ANYTHING EVER to receive this money, and you are legally entitled to it. No Gimmicks! For a special report with complete details, send $5 to: Dept. C100, P.O. Box 66, Silvia, IL 61282

Guaranteed Financing Home-Based PC Businesses

At last, A Quality Source for the Small Business or Home-based Entrepreneur! $30,000 Line of Credit! Guaranteed Financing for home-based COMPUTER BUSINESSES! No App. Fee. Debt Consolidation and Secured Mastercard! No Fee Business Financing! These and much, much more for the full or part-time business or home-based Entrepreneur! Call NOW! 24 Hrs. Telephone number 609-390-7715

Checks Over The Phone-Greatest Payment System

YOU CAN NOW ACCEPT personal and business checks over the telephone OR BY FAX for your orders. A customer's signature on a check is not necessary. Only VERBAL authorization is required. WE print the required SIGNATORY information on each check and we can have the checks in your hands ready to deposit into your bank account in as fast as 24 hours! The cost to you is as low as $1.00 per check. This is a straight-forward and safe way for any business NEVER TO LOSE impulse sales again. The loss to businesses yearly just because a customer doesn't have a credit card is in the millions. It's LOST business FOREVER, kiss it goodbye. Over 65 million customers have checking accounts but no credit cards, plus, MILLIONS of credit card holders have no usable credit currently available. Having the ability to accept business and personal checks over the telephone can increase your sales results by up to 200% or more, plus dramatically increase and improve YOUR CASH FLOW BY GETTING IMMEDIATE PAYMENT. If your business accepts credit cards, accepting checks over the phone will also protect you against excessive credit card chargebacks that could result in loss of your credit card merchant status. Checks Over The Telephone also will help you to reduce costly COD returns. For additional FREE information contact: Advantage Marketing, 551 Roosevelt Road, #154, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 Phone: 708-545-9211, ext. 960 Fax: 708-545-9212

Market Credit at No Cost

ATTENTION Secured Credit Card Vendors, Credit Counseling Specialists, Entrepreneurs. Two credit lines available for potential customers, NO CREDIT CHECK dependent on acceptance, all qualified customers guaranteed acceptance, all accounts REPORTED to bureaus. Lucrative commissions, no start up fees or charge backs. Build good credit with an established company. (800) 231 -1354

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What's Your Biggest Investment? Your Home?

For 60 million homeowners it's their Mortgage. Stop wasting $$thousands$$ of dollars that could go for retirement and pay your mortgage off 10-15 years early! How? The Mortgage Savings Program (TM). Call for FREE INFORMATION. (818)-542-5271 or email

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Credit Card Merchant Accounts - Small/New Bus

Accept Major Credit Cards with your OWN Merchant Credit Card Account! Over 95% accepted: new business, no credit, poor credit, or low volume! Rate as low as 1.55%. We offer Merchant Accounts with terminal and electronic transfer. Increase your business by 40% or more! Reply today to for FREE details!

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Family tree printing
Family tree printing and genealogy chart printing from any Windows genealogy software program.

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