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Best Digital Camera Prices
The best digital cameras at the lowest prices.

Bad Luck w/Relationships?

Have more ENJOYABLE SEX RELATIONS today. Read this book, do what it says to do. You'll never be happier! Send $9.95 to: L.B.J. Industries, P.O. Box 44, Dept. OL1, Brooklyn, NY 11236 Sorry, no C.O.D.

Thank you for contacting Dr. Phillips in San Jose, California. Our customer service number is (408) 363-9547. Are you looking for real answers to your personal or relationship problems? Are you struggling with: low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, relationship problems, marital conflict, sexual problems, communication breakdown, job related problems or spiritual problems? As a professional counselor I have helped hundreds of individuals, marriages and families. For the past 40 years many have been helped to find answers to their deepest problems. God has helped me to help them by applying Christian/biblical principles and good psychological tools to do this. Most people are searching for answers to their deepest needs for security, identity, peace of mind and successful relationships. I believe the answer to these critical needs are found in a dynamic relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ. Because so many have been helped, I want to help as many as possible by providing a new service: Helpful Recorded Telephone Messages For The General Public. The income I will receive from this service will enable me to help finance a ministry called, Barnabas House Ministries, which is a world-wide ministry to ministers offering encouragement, healing and restoration. You can now benefit, as others have, from this professional counselor by calling: 1-900-378-2533. The cost is $1.98 per minute, for a total charge for this 3 min. message of only $5.94. You must be at least 18 yrs. old to call. A new helpful message will be recorded weekly.

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Information-power product of the decade!

Now you can have effective tools of empowerment at your fingertips! This unique system will have you on your way to greater knowledge and power in a matter of MINUTES! For a FREE SAMPLE and complete information, send e-mail to, and mention Laran in the subject line.

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Family tree printing
Family tree printing and genealogy chart printing from any Windows genealogy software program.

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