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FASCINATING FREE VIDEO SHOWS HOW TO MAKE $5000/MONTH. Dear Friend: Say, I need this gun engraved. -- Here are 10 award plaques for you to engrave names on! -- See this box of tools -- all need engraving. Can you help us?? That's the kind of fun and excitement you can look forward to in your own high-tech engraving business. The demand is gigantic, nationwide, in all parts of America. The beauty is, no talent is needed. None. All you need is a turn-key, put-you-in-business Master Engraving System. Before you know it, people will be knocking on your door for your expertise. Faster than fast, you'll find yourself turning out the most beautiful engraving you have ever seen on... ** glass ** mirrors ** stone ** wood ** metal ** porcelain ** crystal ** ceramics ** antlers ** sea shells ** corian -- and plenty more! I'm talking about engraving on... AUTO GLASS. KNIVES. TROPHIES. JEWELRY. COMPANY AWARDS (lots of business here). DECORATIVE GLASS. WINE BOTTLES & GLASSES. 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HERE'S A HOME BUSINESS THAT PAYS OFF ALMOST INSTANTLY Tip: Place an ad in your local paper as soon as you open your doors for business -- and you'll be flooded with work. (We'll show you what to say.) Competition? Hardly any. Do some checking. Chances are, you'll find the amount of competition you have in a 50-mile radius is practically nil. This is what makes the engraving business so lucrative. HOW LUCRATIVE? YOU OUGHT TO MAKE A COUPLE OF THOUSAND DOLLARS A WEEK STARTING OFF. THE BETTER KNOWN YOU GET, THE MORE YOU'LL MAKE -- REACHING AS HIGH AS YOU WANT. Take custom homes. If your community is like most, custom homes are springing up right and left, and each needs glass and mirrors to be engraved. Ask any builder. He will tell you that an investment in engraving gives new homes that finishing touch, increasing the sellability fast. Or take industrial firms of all types. Their need for engraving is nothing short of fantastic. Tools. Equipment. Machines. You -name-it. Take schools, retailers, offices of all kinds. Again the need is -- as one engraver put it -- STUPENDOUS!! And bear in mind, you can operate anywhere you like. In your home. Garage. Workshop. On the job site. Or go to malls. Flea markets. You'll get an instant audience. Or you can work alone. So many choices. Not many home-type businesses allow so much flexibility. And the beauty is, with such little competition the sky is truly the limit as to your earning power. Believe me, I know. My parent company has been enabling folks to make great money since 1988. To date we have helped thousands go into business for themselves -- some part-time, others full-time -- and make sky-high profits. All kinds of businesses. Over 10,000 testimonials in our files. But I must say this: We've NEVER found any home business anywhere that makes money easier or faster than engraving. It's a natural if you like working with your hands. 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