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Streaming Video and Rich Media Production

Digitizing streaming video into Real Video, QuickTime, Vivo, or Windows Media (formerly Microsoft NetShow) format and obtaining professional audio and video results is a complex process. Because of the steep learning curve and significant investment in hardware and software, most companies who have a need to add streaming video to their webpages or corporate Intranet outsource their digital video production needs to professionals like ourselves to get their jobs done quickly and inexpensively. Outsourcing your digital video production projects saves time, money and manpower, and results in a far superior finished product.

Our Customers

We believe we digitize more streaming video for more customers than most other companies. In fact, we've prepared more Real Video, Windows Media and Vivo movies than many of our competitors combined, and there's a good reason for it - producing rich media is our specialty. We treat all of our customer's movies as if they were our own - making sure that both the audio and the video tracks are the clearest and sharpest they can possibly be.

Here's a sampling of our customers from a broad range of industries who have chosen us because of the quality of our work.Our Customers

  • Large multinational corporations like NEC Technologies, Procter & Gamble, Transamerica, Corn Products International, BMW of North America, and The Ford Motor Company
  • Video producers including Media Concepts, American Production Services, Double J Films, Photokinetics, Infinite Video, Digitall Inc., and Guiding Light Video
  • Local, regional and national government offices and agencies such as The Navy, the Department of Transportation of Puerto Rico, Village of Lisle, and Lake County
  • Software developers like Animation Science, Visual Applications, M2 Limited and Alydaar Software Corporation
  • IT firms, web & graphic designers of all sizes including Pinacle Decision Systems, Brainchild Information Technology Solutions, JPN Associates, VisualNet, Digital Designs, Media-Vue, Chicago Webmasters, Internet Solutions, Distant Horizons, KD Consulting Group, Kent Enterprises, Hicks & Ragland, TEK Consulting, WWW Wizards, Outback Design, Colossus, Thirteen Moons, Schulte Multimedia, Barnet Software, The NetLab, New Connections, Bacon Design Associates, Nevada Web and K-Webz Designs
  • Video news releases, network TV commercials and full length 30 minute infomercials being aired on their company web sites such as the immensely popular "Great Stuff" commercial, the popular infomercial featuring supermodel/actress Cindy Margolis and Don LaPre, K-Tel, SkyCo, and video news releases from Target Video News
  • Distributors, franchisors, retailers, service providers, direct marketers, & sales professionals with product demonstrations and presentations like The Golf Network, Beverly Hills BMW, Vermont Teddy Bear, Carpet One, Wicker World Enterprises, Uno Restaurants, Air Serv, K-Tel, The Glass Doctor, Ragin Cajun Foods, BlackLion, TournadoGolf, Anson Products, Lobster Brothers Seafood, The Masters Collection, Insta-Trim Molding, Space Air, Scarves by Margaret, Purely Cotton, Onisac International, The Stein Advantage, Dellinger & Associates, Rainbow International, Clever Ideas, MyGait, Hartford Truck Equipment, Aspects, Team Planet, Apollo Tech, Dance America, Kscapes, and Huf-N-Puf
  • Hi-Tech companies with products and services on the cutting edge like Ciena Communications, TV Interactive, Picis, BICC General, RIT Technologies, Elixis, PKS Information Services, ClearTrack Information Network, SpeechWorks, Energy Conversion Devices, SHEC Labs,, Textware Solutions, and YieldUP
  • Manufacturers wishing to show their products & equipment in action including Woodward Governor Company, Konica Business Technologies, Rapid Line Industries, Sani-Matic Systems, Contempo Design, Derecktor Shipyards, Gas Power Systems, Packaging Services Industries, Ft. Wayne Anodizing, Ryka Blow Molds, Industrial Electric Manufacturing, A. Finkl & Sons, Welker Bearing Company, Ericsson, Laguna Tools, Stenograph, Cherokee Industries, Accurate Transmissions, RMI Titanium, Orchem Corporation, Contech Construction Products, Sika, Rodex Industries, Chisso Corp., ABC Industries, Signs From Above, Ravelco, Lechler, Inc., D&S Manufacturing and PowerTech
  • Financial, marketing, legal and consulting companies like The Federal Home Loan Bank of New York, Deloitte Consulting, Bain & Company, Goldman & Company, Technology Horizons,, DecisionQuest, American Recovery Systems, and Market Facts
  • Publishers extending their reach into the digital world like The Wall Street Journal, Random House, Simon & Schuster, Write Together Publishing, Eau Claire Press, Marcoa Publishing and the Newspaper Industry Communications Center
  • Organizations and public utilities like the Peter F. Drucker Foundation, America's SAP Users' Group, Parents of Autistic Children, Nourish The Children Foundation, Harbor Regional Center, Independent Auto Parts of America, Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education, and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District  who search for the highest value proposition on all of their expenditures
  • Educational institutions & distance learning providers like Tufts University, Institute of Technology, Wauwatosa School District, North Florida Christian School, Middlesex School, NCS Pearson, Convene, ExamWeb, The Vine, uCompass, Computer Consultants, and Member Direct Television
  • Medical, pharmaceutical and research professionals who demand the highest quality output like the American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Trinity Mother Frances Health System, Milford Hospital, Medtext, Boehringer Ingelheim, CardioNow, Long Island/Queens Vitreo-Retinal Consultants, Guthrie Healthcare System, Leading Edge Dental, Lares Research, Lavipharm Laboratories, Septodont, PKC Corporation, DI Associates, and The Women's Cancer Center
  • Real Estate and related companies like Renaissance Housing, Kyle Carter Homes, Premier Properties of SW Florida, Mark Timothy Luxury Homes, Creative Environments, Associated Builders and Contractors of S.E. Texas, Lewis Walker Realty and Jess Reid Real Estate
  • Cultural and religious sites like The Franciscan Sisters of the Poor, Peace Lutheran Church, The Catholic Diocese, Chicago Community Kollel, Broadview Missionary Baptist Church, Baltic Jesuit Advancement Project, Mr. Kenyada's Neighborhood, China Online, Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company, Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, and The Museum of Photographic Arts
  • Travel & Entertainment sites such as Harrah's Casino, Rail Europe, Carnival Cruise Lines, TravelHost of Chicago, Dimmick's Doubles, World Wide Fishing Guide, Hillbilly Hollywood, Jim Stafford Theatre, The Pink Flamingos, Amorous Entertainment, Web Dream, TallyNights, and Ecstasy Zone
Migrating To A Media Rich Environment (Movie #6 of 6 on our website to the right)

Integrating your existing video assets into your Internet or Intranet site allows you to extend their usefulness and provide your visitors with a rich visual experience. When you choose CyberTech as your streaming video producer, we make the process simple with prices starting under $100 per video clip you have us digitize. Regardless of the volume of media you need converted, we can provide your company with a cost-effective solution. Please watch the accompanying presentation to learn why so many companies who are migrating from a text only published site to a compelling media rich environment choose us as their producer.

Movie #6 of 6 on our web site
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easy.gif (3532 bytes)When we handle your streaming video production, you will receive:
  • Choice of rich media formats - Real Video, QuickTime, Windows Media or Vivo format
  • Choice of server preference - Your video will be encoded to stream either with or without video server software. This means you can use your existing web server.
  • Choice of delivery speeds - Your movie can be encoded to be delivered at 28.8, 56k, ISDN, T-1, broadband, or over a LAN.
  • Choice of movie size - You pick the how large you want your movie to look.
  • Complete HTML code - We totally eliminate your learning curve by providing you with the complete code to paste right into your pages for instant streaming video.
  • Fast service - On most projects, we can furnish you with your completed digitized video within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Affordable pricing - Our full-service rates are under $100 - the most competitive in the industry. There are no other ongoing fees or charges of any kind.
  • Subcontracting source - If you're a website developer yourself looking for a way to add rich media to one of your customer's websites, we'll extend you our same low rates and prompt service.


To add rich media to your website or corporate Intranet, simply send us your Mini-DV, Hi-8, Beta-SP, Umatic, VHS or S-VHS video clips using our mail-in video submission form. Please call us toll free at 800-707-8511 or 630-690-7611, or e-mail us at if you have any questions.

No Expensive Hardware or Server Software Is Required

Depending upon the volume of simultaneous video streams you'd like to broadcast, you may not even need a dedicated video server or a software server package. Although we prepare all of our customers videos to stream from either a dedicated video server or a standard web server, on our own website, we don't use a dedicated video server or any server software systems to stream our videos. All of our streaming video is broadcast using standard HTTP. Please feel free to call us at 630-690-7611 if you'd like to discuss whether you can stream your own video without any additional hardware or software.

Watch Our Own Productions

Each of our six video presentations have been prepared in Real Video, Vivo and Microsoft NetShow streaming video format for your convenience. We invite you to watch any of these movies at this time by following these links to our pages which display our video presentations:

Streaming Video = More Visitors + Longer Stays + More Sales

When you're ready to visit with us about including streaming video presentations on your web site, please call us toll free at 800-707-8511 or 630-690-7611, or E-mail us at

We also do video conversions for web developers.


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