Streaming video for Intranets
Streaming Video Conversion Services For Websites & Corporate Intranets

We are streaming video producers and can produce your streaming video from any Mini-DV, 8mm, Beta, VHS or S-VHS video tape for as little as $40 per video clip we digitize. Your streaming video conversion can be prepared in either Real Video, Vivo or Windows Media (formerly Microsoft NetShow format). Our diversified and high profile customer base reflects both our years of experience and the professional results we provide our clients.

Making Video Streaming Inexpensive And Easy To Use

When you choose CyberTech as your streaming video producer, we make the process simple and as inexpensive as $40 per video clip you have us digitize. Unless you have the need for hundreds or thousands of video clips to be digitized each and every year, your investment in new equipment and product training will exceed $10,000 per year if you decide to produce on your own.

When we provide your streaming video conversion services, you will receive:

  • Choice of formats - Windows Media - Microsoft NetShow, Real Video, or Vivo format.
  • Choice of delivery speeds - Video can be encoded to be delivered at 28.8, 56K, ISDN, T-1, broadband or over a LAN.
  • Choice of movie size - You pick the how large you want your movie to look.
  • Complete HTML code - We totally eliminate your learning curve by providing you with the complete code to paste right into your pages.
  • Fast service - On most projects, we can furnish you with your completed digitized video within 48 hours regardless of your geographic location.
  • Affordable pricing - Our full-service rates are under $100. There are no other ongoing fees or charges of any kind.
  • Subcontracting source - If you're a website developer yourself looking for a way to add video to one of your customer's websites, we'll extend you our same low rates and prompt service.

Simply send us your Beta, Mini-DV, 8mm, VHS or S-VHS video clips using our mail-in submission form. Please call us at 800-707-8511or e-mail us if you have any questions.

No Expensive Hardware or Server Software Is Required

Depending upon the volume of simultaneous video streams you'd like to broadcast, you probably won't even need a hosting service, a dedicated video server or a software server package. On our own website for example, we don't use a dedicated video server or any server software systems to stream our videos. All of our streaming video is broadcast using standard HTTP. Please feel free to call us at 630-690-7611 if you'd like to discuss whether you can stream your own video without any additional hardware or software.


Watch Our Own Streaming Video Productions

Each of our six movies have been prepared in Real Video, Vivo and Windows Media - Microsoft NetShow formats for your convenience. We invite you to watch any of these movies at this time by following these links to our pages:

Streaming Video = More Visitors + Longer Stays + More Sales

When you're ready to visit with us about including streaming video presentations on your web site, please call us at 800-707-8511 or E-mail us at You may also visit our new site at

We also do video conversions for web developers.


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