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Who can have Vivo streaming video on their web site? Anyone can. That's the strongest selling point for this method of streaming video. It doesn't matter where your web pages are maintained either.
Does my Internet service provider need any special equipment? No. Unlike other streaming video protocols, Vivo video does not require or optionally use either special software or hardware on the web server.
Can I have Vivo video on my CompuServe or AOL site? Yes, and we've already done Vivo video presentations for sites on both CompuServe and America Online and they work just fine.
What's involved - What do I need to do? Just send us any VHS or SVHS tape with your video presentation on it and we'll do the conversion and provide you with the code to paste into your web page.
Do I need to know any programming? No. We'll be providing you with everything you need to simply paste into your web page.
How long does it take to have video on my site? From the day we receive your video, you'll be up and running with a streaming video presentation on your site within just a few days. Normally we'll E-mail you the Vivo video file for your web site within 48 hours of our receipt of your paid order.
Can I have an existing AVI or Quick Time movie converted to Vivo? Yes. We can convert already digitized video from these standard formats to Vivo video as well.
Is it possible to make the Vivo video myself? Yes it is, but it is very costly and time consuming to purchase and learn all of the audio and video software. Unless you plan on digitizing over 150 video clips each and every year, it is far more economical for you to use our services. Plus, you'll have your video up and running within a few days instead of months.
Why should I include streaming video on my web site? Our customers put up streaming video on their sites for a number of reasons. Foremost is the goal of delivering interesting content to their visitors in a way which will increase the likelihood that they will return again in the future. Additionally, companies are seeking methods which will yield greater impact than plain text and graphics when communicating information. The common denominator is increased sales.
What type of video content can I provide? Basically anything you'd like. Some of the more common applications include video clips of product demonstrations, training material, corporate information, sales presentations and TV commercials. We've even seen personal home pages showing baby's first steps for distant relatives to see.
How many people will be able to see my video presentation? In the first few months following the release of Vivo in late 1996, the VivoActive player had already been downloaded for use on over 2 million browsers. Additionally, another 5 million copies are in distribution through bundling arrangements with Microsoft and others. By the time you read this FAQ, these numbers will be substantially higher. The nice thing about Vivo is that it's a cross platform player which means that anyone visiting your site who doesn't already have the player will be able to instantly download and install it.
Who else is already using Vivo video on their web sites? Prominent VivoActivated sites already include CNN, C/NET, MSNBC, CourtTV, HBO, BBC, Hewlett-Packard, Intel and NCR to name just a few.
Can I use Vivo video on a corporate Intranet site? Yes. Streaming video offers the same high impact communication solutions over a corporate Intranet that it provides on the web.
How much does it cost to add streaming video? We will do the video conversion and prepare the HTML code for your page for only $99. Additional videos are only $85 each. There are no additional licensing fees or per stream fees as can be the case with other video platforms.
I'm a web site designer myself. What can you do for me? We can help to keep you competitive in this business by extending you the same prices as we would an end user. This will allow you to avoid the thousands of dollars of hardware and software acquisition costs plus months of learning. Then, you can charge your customers whatever you want..
Can you also take a VHS tape and digitize it into AVI or Quick Time format? Yes we can. In addition to digitizing into Vivo format for use on the web or corporate Intranets, we can also digitize video into either AVI or Quick Time formats for use in a variety of video applications on stand alone PC's and Mac's.
Are there any firewall issues for corporate maintained web sites? No, none at all. Vivo uses standard HTTP rather than UDP making it firewall friendly on networked connections.
Why do your videos look and sound better than the ones I've seen elsewhere or tried to produce myself? Mastering all the of audio and video techniques required to make good online video takes a lot of time and the right equipment. Until you've made the right investment in software and hardware and have produced a lot of videos, you're not going to be getting very good results.

Still Have Questions?

If after reviewing this FAQ, you still have questions about adding Vivo streaming video to your web site, please review our Vivo Video Special, Online Video, Using Vivo To Make Sales, Streaming Video Production or Free Vivo graphic pages, or give us a call at 630-690-7611. To order video for your web site now, simply print out our convenient mail-in order form and send it to us along with your video tape



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