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Streaming Video

Streaming video is simply the best way to transmit full motion video over the net. Because of its format, streaming video requires less than 1/100th the amount of bandwidth of conventional AVI or QuickTime video files. This means visitors to your website can watch your video presentations in real-time, without waiting for lengthy downloads.

If you need to do any of the following, then streaming video is for you.

  • Differentiate your site form your competitors
  • Increase repeat visits & sales
  • Communicate your message on a personal level
  • Eliminate download time before video can be seen
  • Save on bandwidth

You don't need to wait weeks or months to boost the performance of your site. Simply record your short video presentation on any Beta, VHS or S-VHS tape and we'll do the rest - all within 48 hours.

Fast - Easy - Affordable

When you choose us to prepare your streaming video, you'll be guaranteed to gain all of the benefits of streaming video without any of the headaches or expense:

  • Fast service - All video conversions are performed within 48 hours and sent to you online via E-mail or FTP.
  • Easy to understand - We include all of the HTML code you'll need to paste your videos right into your web pages so that they're ready to play immediately. Because we furnish you everything you'll need, adding streaming video to your website is as easy as pasting in a new GIF or JPEG. You won't need to learn anything about streaming video at all.
  • Affordable - We believe our rates (less than $100) for this full service approach are the most competitive in the industry, and are certainly less expensive than the $4,000 in hardware and software you'd need to prepare streaming video on your own.
  • Choice of Format - We can produce your streaming video in your choice of VivoActive, Real Video or Microsoft NetShow format.
Get Free Streaming Video This Month Only

Many of our customers prefer to have their streaming video presentations optimized to produce better playback for visitors who connect to their website at speeds greater than 28.8. Our normal charge for digitizing additional copies for playback at ISDN speeds and above is $40 for each higher speed copy. During our special promotion this month, we will prepare your choice of one additional alternate speed video clip absolutely free with any video clip one minute or less processed at our regular prices.

You can choose your additional free copy to be digitized for playback at either:

  • 56K, ISDN speed or
  • T-1/Cable modem/Satellite dish broadcast

How Connection Speed Affects Streaming Video Performance

The reason these additional playback options are useful has to do with the quality of the video being seen. A visitor to your site who has connected at greater than 28.8 has the ability to see better video only if an alternate speed video clip is available for them to view. If they watch a video clip which has been specifically digitized for standard playback at 28.8 speed, it will appear no different to them than it would if they had connected at lower speeds.

When we specifically digitize for 56K or ISDN speed connections, the picture is clearer and the sound is better because the video and audio information is being compressed to a lesser degree. This results in a larger file size which requires a higher speed connection.

Because the markets for both cable modems and satellite dish reception are growing so rapidly, having additional clips prepared for viewing at these speeds can save you coming back to us in six months and asking us to re-digitize your videos at our regular prices.

This offer applies to Vivo video, Real Video and Microsoft NetShow formats.

More Information About Streaming Video

For additional information and actual demonstrations of Vivo streaming video, don't forget to visit these pages.

When you're ready to visit with us about including streaming video presentations on your web site, please call us at 630-690-7611 or E-mail us at

We also do video conversions for web developers.


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